FTP/DNS Information

In order to access your website via the Internet and to use your personal email through AlNetSolutions you need to point your domain's name servers to our name servers. We handle the DNS on our end, so if you need to have custom DNS please contact us via support email or see DNS info below. IMPORTANT: We do not allow browsing via the IP address, you can only view your content on the web via your assigned domain name.

Note: As of June 2015 we are starting to migrate towards a cPanel Based hosting platform. If you signed up for service with us PRIOR to June 2015, the informaiton below is correct. If you have signed up after June 2015, please contact us via support email for updated DNS informaiton.

Name Servers:

The name servers assigned to your hosting package were included in the welcome email which was sent upon registration with Al Net Solutions as they may vary for each site. Please send us a support email to have your name server information resent to you. Please include your domain names in the email.


In some rare cases your domain registrar may not allow you to change your name servers or if you are using custom DNS (such as for an exchange server) you will need to make the below DNS changes:

A (Host):
  •  @ points to
CNAME (Alias):
  • email points to email.secureserver.net
  • ftp points to @
  • mail points to pop.secureserver.net
  • pop points to pop.secureserver.net
  • smtp points to smtp.secureserver.net
  • www points to @
MX (Mail Exchanger):

Priority    Host        Points To
0                @        smtp.secureserver.net
10              @        mailstore1.secureserver.net


User Name:
your FTP password *

When you connect you will be placed in a folder that is named the same as your ANSID. Within this folder you will see sub folder(s) which is/are the same as your domain name. This is your home/root/wwwroot folder and where you should placed your site contents. The welcome.html is a placeholder file and may be removed.  Your domain has already been mapped to this folder. In order to view your 'home page' on the web you need to have a valid 'index' file. Any of these are valid index files in order of precedence from highest to lowest:

  1. index.cgi (cPanel)
  2. default.html
  3. default.htm
  4. index.php
  5. index.shtml
  6. index.html
  7. index.htm
  8. home.html
  9. home.htm
  10. index.php5
  11. welcome.html
  12. welcome.htm

NOTE: Linux hosting file structure is case sensitive.

* Your ASUS ID and FTP password were sent to you via email when you registered with AlNetSolutions. If you have forgotten your ID you may contact Support

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